Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Still Motion

Photograph from Still Motion

Motion has been depicted in various ways in art, mostly through blur and photography.  This study intends to explore motion through digital photography and the associated technologies available by merging images and therefore creating motion in Photoshop.  
Motion has always been of interest to me and I wanted to share that interest with others in a more memorable way than film or blur photography.  I did this by merging images in Photoshop and juxtapositioning them with stills in my study entitled Still Motion.  I feel the full bleed for the Photoshopped images was effective when paired with the cropped stills in the final book copy, although when continuing this project, I intend to take pictures at a wider angle so there can be a more uniform bleed.   
The way the cover turned out in the preview looks a lot better than I ever could have imagined it without giving the entire idea away, largely in part due to the intense motion on the cover. I do believe that Blurb and Booksmart were so incredibly easy to use, which made this project really awesome, because it allowed for easy editing, easy viewing, and easy ordering (because it was already compatible)
This work even has some aspect of relational aesthetics.  When photographing my subjects, I asked them to do something they like to do that involves motion.  A few of them heard about it and offered more suggestions of things they would want to do.  In a sense, my subjects created the setting as well as the motion.  I merely captured it for the world to see.


  1. From what I saw in the mid-final critique and the one you have posted here I think your concept is really fun and aesthetically pleasing. I am glad the background in this particular photo allows the motion to be more clear. I want to see more of your images! How long is your book? Do you want to print it out? I am really glad you decided to go with this project despite the issues you were encountering. Good job! :)

    1. My book is actually linked on the italicized Still Motion text above. I do want to print it, but I want to edit it a lot first just to make the flow better if possible and see what else I can do with it. I'm glad you liked it.

    2. The full bleed is awesome! I can totally see now what you meant by having this relational aesthetic experience with the people that helped you out. I can totally tell how this became an experience for them doing things that they enjoy doing and want to do! I really really thing is great. A think you should add more of the photoshopped images with the blurring motion effect, but besides that it is great. I like your set up how it is now, but I do think it would be very neat if you found a way to add more images with the transparency effect.

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